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Nursing Core Courses

Nursing Core Courses

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Nursing Online Courses offers a variety of cores courses resources to meet the needs of those in nursing programs (LPN, LVN, ADN or BSN) or current nurses who are interested in refreshing their academic standing. The Courses are packed up with Practice InterActive Exams that are Board-type all with rationales to help you not to memorize but grasp the concepts and facts to improve your understanding to the subject matter by practicing on thousands of InterActive Questions and Answers, other resources include resource eBooks and summarized notes for most subjects and other materials that are important to make you successful.


  • Unlimited Access to the Course Resources such as eBooks
  • InterActive Practice Questions with Rationale More than 7000 Questions
  • Tracking Grade Score and Review
  • Timed Exams for Boards Practice, NCLEX Style studing package
  • Video Lecture Series

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Available Courses

  • Clinical Nursing Skills
    This course provides the student with knowledge and practical application of basic nursing skills while incorporating concepts learned in theory classes. Students learn and practice basic nursing skills including hands on competences in skills that are essential in the nursing field. There is major emphasis on the the critical elements of nursing procedures and the scientific rationale for performing the procedures correctly.
    This course introduces students to foundation knowledge, roles, and core competencies in order to apply these concepts to appropriate technology and professional nursing care across the life span composed of compilation of video tutorials that are essential in nursing career.
    These include:
    1. Nursing Assessments
    2. Pediatrics and Maternity
    3. Pharmacology
    4. Drug Dosage and Calculations
    5. Medical Surgical Nursing
    6. Emergency Nursing
    7. NCLEX Review
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
    The Fundamental of Nursing course focus on an introduction to basic nursing concepts and skills. Utilizing the nursing process and Watson’s Theory of Human Caring, emphasis is put on specific concepts needed in the planning of nursing care addressing a client’s cognitive, interpersonal, psychomotor skills, psychosocial and developmental needs. These course introduces concepts basic to beginning nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on the application of the nursing process to provide and manage care as a member of the discipline of nursing. This course covers all the 50 topics taught in the college and undergraduate level nursing level LPN/LVN, RN and BSN, this includes End of Life, Chronic Illness, Functional Assessment, Pain and comfort, Cultural Diversity, Community Based Nursing and Sensory alterations. This course has more than 2500 InterActive Practice Questions with rationales to ensure students profiency in the subject matter. The course includes eBook Resources to enhance student learning and performance.
  • Medical Surgical Nursing
    This course covers the principles previously learned are applied to the care of the adult with common health problems. Nursing discussions will focus on the surgical patient and the patient with cancer. Other topics will include parenteral medication administration, shock, fluid and electrolyte disturbance, acid base disturbance, integumentary disorders, immunological disturbances, communicable disease, hematological disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases as related to nursing care. The clinical component provides experience in meeting the needs of the aged patient and adult patient with medical-surgical problems. This course has more than 1500 InterActive Practice Questions with rationales to ensure students profiency in the subject matter. The course includes eBook Resources to enhance student learning and performance.
  • Maternal-Newborn Care (Maternity/Pediatrics)
    Maternity Nursing Section covers concepts specific to the childrearing family where the focus continues to be on the family-centered approach to nursing care with a greater depth for understanding of nursing role. The nurse's responsibilities as a provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing, all which assist the client to progress toward wholeness and the need of client teaching, critical thinking, communication and pharmacology are explored. This course explores detail anatomy, physiological and pathophysiological background of disorders and condition before getting into therapeutic interventions.

    Pediatrics Nursing Section focus on the role of the utilization of the nursing process to meet the human responses of child-bearing families and children from infancy through adolescence with actual or potential health problems. This course explore the nurse’s role as provider of care and member within the discipline of nursing as these roles related to the delivery of nursing care for the expanded family. Emphasis is placed on utilizing the nursing process as a framework for managing/providing nursing care to individuals and families along the wellness-illness continuum. Upon completion, students should be able to utilize the nursing process to deliver nursing care to mothers, infants, children, and families. In addition, this course will include content related to adult/children experiencing medical/surgical alterations.This course has more than 2500 InterActive Questions and Answers with Rationales to increase students performance in the Board Exams and mastering the subject matter. The course includes eBook Resources to enhance student learning and performance.

  • Mental Health and Psychiatry
    The Nursing Mental Health/ Psychiatry course includes concepts related to the nursing care of individuals experiencing alterations in social and psychological functioning. Emphasis is placed on utilizing the nursing process to provide and manage nursing care for individuals with common psychiatric disorders or mental health needs. Upon completion, students should be able to apply psychosocial theories in the nursing care of individuals with psychiatric/mental health needs. The course covers more than 35 topics and has more than 2000 InterActive Questions and Answers with Rationales to increase students performance in the Board Exams and mastering the subject matter. The course includes eBook Resources with topics that are relevant to student preparation and understanding of the subject matter.
  • Nursing Pharmacology

    This is a quick review and perfect study tool for students taking Pharmacology course at the college or university level. It includes more than 2500 Interactive Practice Questions and answers from all Pharmacology topics covered in the entire course allowing students to adequately prepare for their exams. More than 50 crucial topics includes comprehensive questions in the exam format (multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer) allowing students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The course has eBook Resources that summarized outline helps students grasp the concepts quickly as they prepare for the test or exams. The Modular Quizzes are broken down chapter by chapter enhancing students to learn systematically; the Final Exam is timed and cumulative from all chapters randomly picking questions from each topic mimicking the Computerized adaptive tests that are commonly used. A certificate of Achievement with your name, credit hours and grade is automatically available once a passgrade is scored from a Final Exam. This interactive product is highly recommended for students preparing for NCLEX, instructors interested in creating multiple customized tests for their topical or cumulative final exams. Perfect for students VN, LPN, RN and BSN Students.

  • Professional Nursing Practice
    This course focuses on the transition from the role of student to graduate nurse. Emphasis is placed on the responsibilities and expectations of the professional nurse in the health-care delivery system. Legal and ethical issues, professional development, group dynamics, risk management, quality assurance, political action, nursing organizations, and the use of research to inform nursing practice will be explored. Student practice the topics that cover influencing the development of Nursing Profession, Health Care, Delivery Systems and Community based Practice, Framework for Nursing Practice and the Nursing Profession's Roles and Responsibilities. The course has about 30 topics and more than 500 InterActivce Practice Exams and Answers to enhace studetn performance. Most of the questions are prototype of those used in the NCLEX Board Exams for PN/VN and RN.

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    Physical and Health (Nursing) Assessment
    This course provides theory and application experience for performing nursing assessment of individuals across the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on interviewing and physical assessment techniques and documentation of findings appropriate for nursing. Upon completion, students should be able to complete a health history and perform a noninvasive physical assessment. Comprehensive question bank help students practice from more than 30 different topics and evaluates themselves immediately, these InterActive Practive Question are prototype of questions used for NCLEX Board Exams and suitable for students in the VN, PN and RN programs (LVN, LPN, RN & BSN) or equivalent programs.